Yoga has been a defining influence in Henri Ferguson's life for 26 years. That led to teacher training with Sandra Sammartino from Kairos Yoga Centre in White Rock, BC as well as Sapta Yoga teacher training with Sushil Bhattacharya in Nepal.  

Henri personifies his values and beliefs; taking his life experience and understanding of yogic and Zen philosophy into each class to facilitate student's efforts toward self realization and empowerment. His eclectic and holistic style of yoga is energetic and healing, with emphasis on core strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

Henri is a  registered teacher (RYT 500) with the Yoga Alliance and Program Director of Lotus Soul Gym's RYT 200 Hour Program.

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I have been an avid Yoga practitioner for many years and am a certified Yoga Instructor. I'm a mother of two, a sister of two, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a student of life. I have traveled all over the planet and watched the sun rise and set over many different oceans. I've had lots, and I've had nothing, and I still can't tell you which is better. I love to cook and I love to laugh. I still make mistakes but I am learning...

I believe that goodness is innate and I strive to recognize it in myself and others everyday. I still wish on the first star every night.

I began my training as a certified Doula through the Optimum Birth Care Centre in Brisbane, Australia and learned a lot. I gave birth to both my children at home and learned more about the birthing experience than any text book could ever reveal. I believe yoga is the great metaphor for life. .. holding- releasing, holding- releasing ...searching for balance, reaching for stillness, finding connection, merging and becoming whole...

This is the road we are all traveling on. This is Life. This is Yoga.

My journey as a yoga teacher is a beloved undertaking that has enriched my life experience in a profound and lasting way. After many years of practice, I ventured to India to further my studies in an ashram environment. This experience was deeply life altering, and both challenging and blissful. I completed my teacher training certification in Nasik, India under the tutelage of Sir Vishwar Mandlik at the Yoga Vidya Dham College of India; however it is with great humility that I recognize that becoming a teacher is a life long endeavor. I am committed to continue learning and gathering information on the many ways Yoga can promote health, wellness and vitality.

Laeonie teaches pre-natal, post-natal, restorative and Hatha. Her teaching style and abilities will appeal to a broad range of ages and abilities, including children, seniors, disabled individuals and committed yogis.

Do Yoga. Do life.


Laeonie Ferguson


"Yoga Jayanti" is the name that was given to me by my guru Paramahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati when I was initiated into Karma Sannyas, on the Blue Moon night of July 2007.  ‘Jayanti’ means the joy of inner expression.

I studied Massage Therapy in 1999 in Crestone Colorado at the Crestone Healing Arts Center where I began to understand the body both on a physical and pranic level.

In 2004 I studied Hatha Yoga with Diane Donovan at Body Works in the Cayman Islands where I lived from 1997-2004 working as a massage therapist at the Westin Cassaurina Spa. 

I later traveled to Los Angeles California where I completed my teacher training, with Bikram Choudhury .  And consequently taught for one year at Bikram Yoga Edmonton.  

Over the years I have also studied with Sandra Sammartino of Kairos Yoga Center, in Whiterock B.C who has been instrumental in my evolution as a teacher and as a student.

In 2005 I spent a year working as an Educational Assistant at Glen Allan Elementary School, where I began my exploration of Yoga for Kids. 

My heart then lead me to Bihar India where I spent a year studying and living at the Bihar Yoga Bharati, home of the worlds first Yoga University.  I completed the four-month course in Yogic Studies and then stayed on as a resident where my learning continued in the ancient Gurukul tradition.

My goal as a Yoga teacher and my ongoing commitment to learning as a student of Yoga is to provide tools of self-empowerment to others.  To follow the example of my gurus mission and to follow the precepts of seva (service), karuna (compassion), prem (love).  I enjoy incorporating my tools of massage and body work, yogic practices, knowledge of Ayurveda (Science of Healing) and spirituality into my teaching style. 

Jessica Ferguson


Blending cheerfulness and compassion in his teaching methods, Jai offers the new to advanced yoga practitioner both an energetic and relaxing yoga practice. He has completed extensive trainings with world renowned yoga masters throughout India and North America. He has been initiated into the Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Tradition where he has been authorized to teach this ancient art and practice. Jai also infuses his classes with Yoga Matrix -  a new revolutionary approach to yoga.


Aman’s teaching focuses on mental clarity, strengthening, lengthening, energetic cleansing and balance. She allows each student to develop mind-body awareness through the integration of functional and correct alignment. She encourages each student to feel sensations and tune into the flow of prana (energy) moving through their body and energy centers.

Aman completed her 200-hour yoga alliance teachers training with Myra Lewin of Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga. She also spent additional training and specializing in energy work, pranayama (yoga breathing techniques), yoga asana and Ayurveda (a holistic healing science form ancient India including nutritional guidance, yoga therapy and special rejuvenation and purification therapies).

“Balance is the desired outcome of my practice and those of my students. Balance is the key to optimal physical health, clarity of mind, and energy for peace, happiness and equanimity.”



Yoga is my medicine. I am humbled and honoured that my life has flowed to this point, where I can share the practice of Yoga with others.  By practicing (and teaching), I have learned to listen, I have become more aware, and I have learned how to respond. Yoga helps us to breathe easier, become comfortable in our skin, live more peacefully, and deepen our connection to spirit. Teaching Yoga is my ultimate source of joy. I teach Yoga because I LOVE Yoga.

Practitioners can expect a powerful class, suited for all levels, with an emphasis on being true to yourself and gaining joy, not frustration, from your Yoga practice.

You must be still in the midst of activity, and be vibrantly alive in response.”  Gandhi


Cole has been instructing yoga in Edmonton for almost 7 years. His teacher's training was in Koh Phanan, Thailand at the Chakra Yoga Pyramid. He has recently taken yoga on the road to Peru where he incorporates adventure travel with yoga and service projects.



When I began my yoga practice in 2004, my hope was to develop a different type of athleticism. I assumed I would gain strength and flexibility while at the same time de-stressing my life. As a mother of two and someone who actively volunteers in some intense settings, I needed a physical activity that would complement the running I had been doing for several years.

Yoga has certainly offered me those two things and so much more. Physically and mentally, the flexibility and strength I enjoyed as a kid has reappeared. And while we all live with stress, my awareness and approach to managing it has improved my life and is a key element now to being present.

What I did NOT anticipate was the community that is available to yoga practitioners. No matter what our practice is or looks like, whether it’s done in a hot studio, in a cool breeze on a beach or on a cushion, the possibility to connect with another person is infinite. I’ve learned that as we cultivate awareness of who we are and what matters to us, we recognize that everyone we meet, including our fellow practitioners, are on a journey of their own. Sharing that journey can enrich us in unimaginable ways.

Every practice, whether I’m teaching or a student, offers me the chance to move my body and mind in a purposeful way. It is liberating and enlightening to breathe, and stretch and consciously decide to become a pose. I feel it personally and I am privileged to witness it when I teach.

More than the physical practice, yoga provides me the opportunity to acknowledge and accept responsibility for who I am, both my strengths and my weaknesses. It encourages me to be compassionate, loving and open to everyone and everything around me. It is a blessing I want to share, both on and off the mat.

Chantelle McNichol, RYT


My Yoga journey began in my 1997.  I wasn’t an athletic person, so I decided to try a Yoga class.  I loved my first class and kept going back.  Yoga improved my body’s strength, balance & flexibility. 

Several years have passed since that first Yoga class. It’s amazing how Yoga lessons learned “on the mat” begin to permeate into your life off the mat.  Yoga has given me tools to cope with life and learn about myself & the world around me.   Yoga has been a constant friend through life’s highs & lows which have included:  my childrens’ milestones and their evolution into teens & young adults; becoming a Yoga teacher; homeschooling my children; volunteering;  dealing with health issues and surviving the loss of a loved one to cancer. 

Yoga has taught me to treasure the importance of connections to others and that freedom is about learning the art of restraint & release.  My Yoga journey is going to be a lifetime work in progress.  In recent years, I have enjoyed exploring Ayurveda with my Yoga practice.  I am humbled by the vastness of Yoga & Ayurveda and feel that I am only scratching at the surface of these amazing sciences.  I am grateful to all of my Yoga teachers for their invaluable lessons:  Seel, my Yoga minded husband; my inspiring children Shaun, Dhevin & Shalina; my past & present Yoga instructors and fellow Yogis & Yoginis.  As I approach the big 50, I aspire to continue learning, sharing Yoga and to live life with grace and vitality.     
“Be the Change You Seek in the World” (Ghandi)




In 1999, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with a debilitating back injury. After many other holistic attempts at relief, my physiotherapist recommended yoga. I lost all flexibility and strength due to the accident and was terrified at the idea of starting yoga. Once I stepped onto my mat, I was astonished at the natural way my body embraced the postures, even backbends. Several years of being a practitioner and focusing on regaining the strength in my back, I enrolled in a teacher-training program to teach others that you can live without back pain. I’m a strong advocate of yoga as a therapy for physical ailments and focus strongly on proper alignment in all of my classes.

“Yoga has brought me the most powerful of gifts; body awareness, calmness, rhythmic energy, inner peace, grace and freedom. Enjoy all that yoga has to offer and accept all of what yoga is…. stillness.”

Clare has been a practitioner of yoga for over 8 years with experience in Hatha, Bikram, Anusara and Ashtanga yoga. She has been studying Iyengar yoga intensively for over 4 years, attending the teacher-training program at the Yoga Studio College of Alberta in 2005 (Certified). Clare holds a certification through the Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) and is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with the Yoga Alliance. She received her Pre-Natal certification in October 2005 from Janice Clarefield at Urban Yoga in Vancouver.


My yogic journey started four years ago when I was living in Australia. I timidly wandered into a beginner yoga class led by a beautifully inspiring teacher named Kristy. Over the next couple of years my practice blossomed. An energy and desire started to burn within me. When I arrived home, there was no need for me to consider what I wanted to do for a living, for my calling was obvious: to share Yoga with the world. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Gaiatri Yoga. The amazing people from Gaiatri helped to spark a sense of wonder inside of me that expands everyday.

In this life there are so many distractions of the mind. I believe if we can turn inward and dwell in the space of our hearts instead of our heads, we will never be led astray; for it is our hearts that guide us to our truth, our passion, and our peace.


"With a new eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and into the very depth of joy, we see into the life of things."
-William Wordsworth

Graham has, throughout his life, been drawn towards the things behind things, and after a foray into the sacred movement of Taoist Tai Chi, began to explore the path of Yoga in 2004, and has been continuously captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that it has brought to his life. Certified as a Yin Yoga Instructor after spending time with teachers in British Columbia and Hawaii, Graham enjoys creating an atmosphere of warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has allowed him to do so in his classes. Our lives demand such a myriad of mental and emotional calisthenics as we move through each day, and the gift of being able hold space together and let all this silt settle, so that we may see clearly into the warm still centre of ourselves and one another, is one to be cherished. Let's explore together.



I feel like I started teaching yoga life times ago. No thing in my life has flowed so smoothly, like I've simply remembered my passion. I am a soul who is playful, honest and real. I truly want to help the world be happy. I believe people are designed to love, smile and move. The Sanskrit word "Shri" means beauty. I hope to inspire others to 'See the Shri' in everything!
Feb 2008, I broke my back in a snowboard accident. Life came to a screeching halt. I instantly embraced my new reality. My community quickly came together with full support. The injury created space to reflect on my life's path and really think about where I'm going. To be honest, it was a really cool experience. The past two years have been a huge period of growth and transition for my spirit. I turned to what I know to heal body, mind and soul: Yoga. The first month home, yoga asana didn't look like what I was used to doing, but I knew I needed to move. Two and half months later, I was back in a studio. (If you're interested in reading more visit

I had been practicing yoga for years, but with all this, I had an insatiable hunger to understand how it all works at a deeper level. I took Gaiatri's Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training where I had my first glimpse of Anusara's Universal Principles of Alignment (UPA's) at a deeper level. Through steady, mindful practice applying the UPA's - my back is better than ever! My long time teachers teach from their hearts with full joy and passion. In turn they have helped me brush the dust of my heart and rediscover my passion. I have been studying Anusara Yoga and am now an "Anusara Inspired" teacher, with over 250 Anusara training hours, 120+ of those hours are with the founder, John Friend, himself. During my studies, I have practiced Anusara, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Vipassana Meditation and whatever style of yoga different teachers have presented to me from their hearts. I hope I can share my heart with you through this beautifully diverse practice of yoga.


Yoga is not just a physical journey – though it will improve your health and fitness greatly. Yoga is a back door invitation to connect with your inner light, peace, The Source, Is-ness, Now-ness, God.

Whatever your spiritual truth, yoga is a friend on the road of life. It will help you walk in step with your authentic self, tap the deep wells of gratitude and taste the abundance and grace, even in moments of scarcity and pain.

Yoga starts on the mat and seeps into the rest of your life. We humans have a tendency to run from pain, to seek refuge in drama and self-defeating choices. Yoga teaches us to be still and present with reality. Then the real story can unfold.

The true sanctuary is within. Find rest in naked knowledge and the blessings of your innate wisdom – there, below the layers of conditioned living. Discover your personal power and cultivate self-awareness, discernment, strength and surrender. Get fit, flexible, balanced and toned in the process. It'll be the best "work-in" and "work-out" of your life.

I am thankful for yoga's many wonderful and surprise gifts in my life and love sharing it with others. My classes create a safe, fun and challenging space for exploration in the yogic realm.

Just bring yourself. YOur journey is unique and your potential is great. Let's play and be. Yoga will nourish your mind, body and soul, and the rest of your day will be better. As you discover your inner teacher, I will humbly serve as your guide.


Jennifer Parks - Yoga Alliance certified instructor

i feel that i have just begun my journey with yoga. i have practiced for over 9 years but the first 5 without much focus or discipline. Attending my first class with Charlotte Smith in 2006 brought together the physical, spiritual and mental harmony i needed so badly; I have been a devoted, disciplined practitioner since then. i love yoga so much that i wanted to help others experience al the joy, focus, balance and stress-relief it has brought me. i became a Yoga Alliance Certified instructor in 2008 and have been on my path ever since.


Yoga found me when I was searching for a form of physical activity that I actually enjoyed. I had tried out the gym a few times when a friend introduced me to yoga in 2005. I left the sweaty Bikram class in awe of the yogis. What power and grace! After my first class I knew I had found what I was looking for. I became hooked and started exploring many styles. The physical benefits were definitely the first to arise, but as my practice continued I began to notice an entire “shift” in my general attitude and outlook on life. I began to take my practice off the mat and into all aspects of my life. I had found a sense of self acceptance. I had found my calling.

As my yoga journey continued I knew that I needed to share my love of yoga with others. I enrolled with the Nosara Yoga Institute and received a 200 hour Interdisciplinary Certificate.A year later, I returned to the Nosara Yoga Institute and completed the Pranassage®Practitioner Training. As an instructor/practitioner, I strive to provide an ego-less environment for exploration. No expectations, just self discovery. We are all unique multidimensional beings and, quoting Joseph Campbell, “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

I am forever a student and will always be exploring and discovering. Iam continuing on the path of health and wellness by becoming a Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

I look forward to meeting you!


Katherine Kunst RYT, Pranassage®Practitioner, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader


I began the journey of exploration in 1996. Travelling through India and nearby countries, opened the door to Buddhism and Yoga. Soon I found myself in retreat centres, ashrams and monasteries basking in silence, strict schedules, postures, and teachings. I have found that the blend of Yoga and Buddhist teachings fulfill all aspects of my being - mindfulness dances with movement and breath, as well as anchors while sitting and observing. My interest in these ancient philosophies have taken me to many Asian countries over the years, but the practice for me is living my daily life with integrity, patience, and acceptance of how life is.



A dedicated practitioner of yoga since early 2006, I am continually amazed by the depth yoga has to offer. In the beginning stages of my practice, my Spirit called to me and my deepening connection to Self changed my life in subtle but powerful ways-my sense of well-being increased, I began responding to the world differently, and I began to walk through challenge and change with more grace and ease. I chose to attend Yoga Vidya Dham College of India in March 2009 to complete a hatha yoga teacher training program. Commitment to both yoga and ayurveda lifestyle, study, and teaching is allowing me to relax more fully into the beauty that is Life, the beauty that is being Human .I continue to develop my practices and teaching through guidance and teachings of Myra Lewin of Kauai, and am blessed to have had the opportunity to assist her in conducting two Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2010. Through teaching pranayama, meditation, and asana, I invite students to have an experience of themSelves... cultivating consciousness, balance, clarity, peace ,vitality, and vibrant health.

Om and prem,


My yoga journey started as a purely aesthetic one; I was only concerned with how yoga could shape my body and how my asanas looked. Having been involved in competitive sports my whole life, I loved the challenge of achieving new postures and the strength yoga gave my body. The studio I practiced at also gave me a sense of union with my community. My fellow yogis opened my horizons and taught me that yoga looks different on everyone. The journey of yoga isn't a straight, set path; people pave their own road with their own unique bodies, spirits and experiences.

About 6 months after practicing yoga consistently, I went through a difficult time in my life where I felt lonely, lost and disillusioned. My practice was, what felt like, the only bright spot in my day. It was during this time that I first realized that yoga is not just about the asanas! All of a sudden I knew that how the asanas looked was less important than how they made me feel on and off the mat. I experienced a connection being formed between my mind, body, and spirit. This connection empowered me. Life seemed less scary, people were easier to deal with, my intuition was more in tune, my inner teacher became louder then my inner critic and I witnessed the power of the breath both on and off the mat. Yoga strengthened and unified my being.

Everyone has their own unique path in life, I believe this path is more beautiful and rewarding when yoga is involved. Yoga means"union". I love the unity that yoga brings to my life- on physical, mental, spiritual and inter-personal levels.

I am grateful to share with others the joys of yoga and assist them on their paths while they help me to continue paving my own.

"Be the beauty of that which you love."- Rumi


Marcus Fung is a avid student of Life. A lover of the Great Mystery. He channels his passion, and curiosity into his work and play. We focus, listen deeply, and then let go into the playfulness of our natural being. Championing the virtues of harmony, inclusivity, through self-empowerment, expression compassion, creativity. Marcus is a professional teacher, and facilitator sharing the love and joy of UNITY through Drumming Circles and Singing Circles. (

Teaching, and Sharing around the city, in various expression, Music Together, Singing for the Health of It, Healthy, Healing, Handdrumming etc.

Marcus is also a Sound Healer and A Sacred Sounds Artist using the Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs, and the Human Voice.

All this and Marcus is just an ordinary guy, who loves to laugh (Laughing Yoga) share, meditate and meet people.



Perhaps my teacher training classmates sized me up accurately. They said, Marianne is a monkey. It has been my blessing and my challenge to find ways to harness my abundant energy and enthusiasm. I climbed street lamp posts and trees, paved a path of handsprings down many a grassy patch, and often explored an upside down view of life. Yoga found me about ten years ago in search of a new harness, but it kept me with its grace and grounding.

After many years of practicing Ashtanga yoga and dabbling in teaching friends and family, I embarked upon a formal path of study.  Little did I know the sea of yoga is vast and deep and the path is lifelong.  I find much joy and healing in yoga, and seek to share my appreciation with whoever might be ready to try something new, or find something new in something old.

Marianne Decore



I am so very grateful to be able to share my love of yoga with children!  I’ve been teaching elementary school for the past 10 years, with a focus on Physical Education. Yoga found me 8 years ago and I love and cherish its many-leveled benefits.  I appreciate the challenges we face in our fast-paced world, no matter our age, and strive to create space in my life with the practice of yoga and meditation. I did my yoga training under Rameen Peyrow and primarily studied Ashtanga style yoga. It was a natural progression to want to share such a positive mind-soul-body experience with children. If I’m able to introduce and engage children and adults in the practice of yoga, it feels like I’m making a difference in the bigger picture for all of us. It’s like spreading really amazing news!




Nine years ago, I began practicing yoga to complement my training schedule as a competitive mountain bike racer. My introduction to yoga was primarily through the physical practice.  With the demands of training, racing, life changes and challenges, I began to wonder what it was about yoga that made me feel so serene and peaceful after class.  It was through developing a meditation practice, and studying the philosophical and spiritual sides of yoga that I began to understand yoga beyond the physical practice, and its far-reaching benefits – emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As my practice has deepened, so has my sense of inner stillness, inner space, and compassion.  I hope to provide my students with the space and support to re-awaken and cultivate their own sense of inner spaciousness and serenity. 

Being an Occupational Therapist, I have developed deep respect for the body, mind and soul, and hope to create a yoga class that can be helpful for all students.  In this way, I recognize the great potential we all hold, and the path of yoga as a way to bring us back to our true selves.


Sandy Ayre


Yoga came into my life after my travels to Thailand. The Buddhist ways and the easy going feel of the country made me wanna seek the happy, content, and mellow life style. Yoga and traveling have both helped me access these characteristics, and I am so grateful to have discovered this part of me. Yoga allows me to be creative and to explore my body and mind. As well, it helps me to really listen to people and understand what they are trying to say. When Ipracticeyoga, my mind finds a place of quiet, my body enters a stage of euphoria, and I come out of class with the hope of spreading my joy and my passions with the world. When Iteachyoga, I get this amazing sense of accomplishment and glee; I love watching my students walk away feeling calm, with content smiles on their faces and of course, happy bodies.




What I love about teaching and practicing yoga is the realization that the body as one of the tools we have in order to learn and evolve in this life. The expansion and contraction of the breath, the balance between the strength and the softness in an asana, the stillness in the midst of difficulty in a posture, the profound gentleness in all of it, this is all part of the practice and part of life. I love it.

For me the yogic voyage started though the awareness of the sensations in my body. I was 19 and after a practice, during Savasana my body started to open and surrender. My mind followed and I experienced a new openness that set the pattern to further investigate the real meaning of what was happening. In 2004 I started a long trip to South America, and was introduced to Vipassana Meditation. During the following years I attended and worked in several retreats. These silent ten-day meditation retreats were an amazing tool that deepened my stillness and self-discovery. In 2006 I attended my first Yoga Teacher Training (Iyengar tradition) at Anandayoga, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I practiced Iyengar for the following years and then started to combine the practice with Ashtanga. By using the combination of alignment and body awareness of dance and Pilates I started teaching yoga in 2007.
I had the opportunity of attending the Yoga Teachers Training with the big-hearted Yogi Vishvketu in 2010. I’m enormously grateful to my spiritual teacher John de Ruiter for the light he sheds on the meaning of life and the beyond.

Soledad has a background on contemporary dance, is a massage therapist, wife of an amazing man and mother of a golden hearted child.

I went to the source of yoga, India and Nepal, for almost nine years, to study it, live it, breathe it and to try to Be yoga. Just when I feel that I have mastered one aspect, I realize how little I really know. That is the challenge and sweetness of yoga. It is never ending. Since 1971 I have taught yoga and later meditation and sacred Buddhist tantric dance in many countries.

Titles and auspicious names have been given to me - probably to test my ego! I believe that we all need a light attitude as we go through life and my classes have a lot of laughter in them. The gentle, steady, penetrating path for me brings flexibility, strength, and awareness, sprinkled with lots of love.

Lately the International Yoga Federation has conferred me with an honourary membership on the World Yoga Council. I am a senior teacher for the Yoga Association of Alberta and happily help others progress on the yogic path and learn how to teach it. Penetrative insight into the body, mind, emotions and spirit is the gift of yoga.

My yoga teacher, Swami Gitananda was a student of the Sleepless Saint, who was written about in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Yogananda. My Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher is Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, who studied with one of the Dalai Lama's teachers. Having been blessed by a number of saints and sages it is now my turn to bless others. I really enjoy teaching all levels and those in my classes work at their own level. Many who come to me have health issues as I am also trained in yoga therapy. We live in a busy world and the wonderful techniques of this ancient practice always help us to better all round health.